48V 30A 1000W/1500W Brushless Electric Bicycle Scooter Standard Bldc Controller KT Series

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Controller dimension: About 14.5*6.5*3.8 cm
Weight: 400g
cable length : All about 10-16cm 
12 better mosfets(make it smaller)
​Maximum current: 30±1A
Rated voltage:DC/36V/48V
Speed set:1-4.2V
Rated current:15A 
Brake input : Low-Level
Low voltage protection: DC40±0.5V
​FUNCTION & PLUG all bullet
motor (3-green-yellow-blue  bullet + 6pin SM plug )        power (red-black bullet plug)
display (5 pin SM plug)         throttle (3pin SM plug)
ebrake (3pin SM plug ) *2         PAS (3pin SM plug)
1T4 cable plug(8pin waterproof plug-Throttle-Display-Ebrake*2)      
PAS (3pin waterproof plug)

KT controller only compatible with KT display (same communication protocol) 
Please make sure that your system is KT system.

Package Included:
1 X Controller 
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