1500W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Power Bike Electric Bike Motor Cenversion Kit 1500W

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Power Bike Motor

The 1000W Power Bike off-road Motors are built using the latest technology. The motors are gearless and brushless meaning they offer a high speed and high torque power. These motors are powerful, silent and heavy duty

System Specification

Watts: 1500W-1800W (Normal/Peak)

Top Speed: Approx. 45-50km/h

Weight: 21 Ibs (8.5kg)

Max Torque 48Nm

Efficiency: 87%

Power Bike Electric Bike Kit includes

1500 watt Intelligent Controller:

(Dual Mode), 12Mosfet.

Rated Voltage - DC48V

Rated Current - 26Ah

Low Voltage Protection - DC40 +/-0.5V

Max Current - 30 +/-1A

Speed Set - 1-4 2V

Brake Input - Low Level

Brake Levers:

The Break levers supplied with this Conversion Kit contain internal micro switches that cut the power to the motor when you brake. these break levers are compatible with both, 'Rim' and disk breaks. Fitment of the levers is not essential as the motor will cut out when you stop peddling or release the throttle

Magnetic Pedal Assist Sensor:

Magnet Ring fully compatible with Power Bike Controllers and Power Bike LCD KT3 Display. 12 poles PAS--Pulse Pedal Assistant Sensor

Half-Twist Throttle for Electric Bikes

Simply Slides onto standard size handlebars. Compatible with all Power Bike Kits

LCD Display

Indicates: Battery Capacity, Riding Speed, Total and Trip Distance (TM - Single Trip Time or TMM  - Total Trip Time), Motor Watt Power Display, Motor Temperature, Cruise Control, Pavement Mode of 6Km/h, Power Assistance and much more

Off-road use only

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