48V Battery Pack 12.5Ah

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48V Battery Pack 12.5Ah Samsung cells

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48V 12.5Ah Li-ion Samsung cell Battery Pack. Maximum durability. Best Performance guaranteed

2A charger comes with Battery


USB Port - 5V 1A USB quick charger

Safe Lock - use to lock the battery on the frame

Battery Level Light 

Samsung Cells

Charging the battery

Charge your battery always in an ambient temperature, on a non-flammable and dry surface, away from any sources of heat, humidity or flammable materials. Do not cover battery while charging. It takes about 5-7 hours to fully charge your battery when using the standard charger

This battery is just like a regular, household battery- it contains a limited amount of energy, which diminishes as it is being used. Life time of this battery is aprox. 1000+ charging cycles


If you don't use your battery for a period of time exceeding 2 months, store it in a humidity-free area

Never store completely empty battery as it may result in permanent damage

During long storage periods, it is recommended that you charge the battery halfway every 2 months

Store your battery at a temperature between 15-25*

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