48V 17.5Ah Battery Dorado


Powered with Samsung Cell

48V17.5Ah Battery with 30A BMS System.

Factory Replacement battery for any 48v Dorado 505mm frame insert.

Battery length 455mm tip to tip.

USB Port to charge your device.


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Powerful Power Bike battery for an electric bike

48V | 17.5Ah | 840Wh | 30A BMS

The quality Power Bike accumulator for E-BIKES is a battery of the highest quality, guaranteeing high durability, wide compatibility and maximum performance of your electric bike.

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State of the art control electronics
Perfect cooperation of the battery with the motor

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Longer distance on one charge
Cells with increased density result in higher battery capacity

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Perfect compatibility, easy installation
A complete kit making the installation and connection easier

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up to 110km
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up to 65km

Perfect for your E-Bike

Connectors used in our batteries and adapters included in the sets ensure wide compatibility with many brands of electric bikes on the market.

This makes the Power Bike battery ideal when simply replacing a worn out battery or when building an E-BIKE from scratch.

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Performance and reliability

Advanced control electronics allow perfect cooperation of the battery with electric motor's controller (up to 1000 W), providing the right instantaneous power and maximum continuous rating – maximum performance without compromise.

Moreover, the battery has been equipped with an electronic BMS which prevents it from getting damaged, deeply discharged and overcharged when left for a longer time for charging.

Easy installation

Depending on battery and mounting type, a set of necessary elements (rails, brackets), which considerably facilitate the installation of a new battery in your E-BIKE, is included with individual models. Additionally, the battery has an LED indicator thanks to which you will easily check its current state of charge and a lock as protection against theft.



17Ah (13s5p)



Cells technology


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2 Pin Connector


5.5 * 2.1 mm




12 Months




Battery Only

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Direct Fit

Voltbike Yukon(2018)

E-Glide ST

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AddMotoR M-5800 M-560 M-450

FLX Blade

Amego Infinite

EcoMotion Core Pro

iGO Elite Explore

E-Joe Gadis Koda

TEO S Limited

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M2S All Terrain Ultra Dual Sport Ultra All Terrain Cush Explorer All Terrain R750

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